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UK to highlight capability and innovation at Singapore Airshow

The UK Government will support a selection of UK companies promoting capability innovations for defence and security at the Singapore Airshow. It wants to...

Rosoboronexport organizes Russia’s display at the first DSE Vietnam 2019...

Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec State Corporation) is the organizer of Russia’s joint display at the first International Defense & Security Expo Vietnam 2019...

ISDEF Japan – your go-to place for public safety

Tokyo Olympic Games are just around the corner and both organizers and authorities are wracking their brains regarding public safety solutions. With an estimated...

ISDEF Japan – offering you means to Keep People Safe

Japan is hosting the next Olympic Games in a year and a half. On the one hand – a major boost to the country...

Security Guards

The provision of internal security has expanded as new concerns have surfaced across the Asia-Pacific region, with the threat of well-armed and organised groups...
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Web of Intrigue

With perhaps the exception of infectious disease, no other security challenge is perhaps as pervasive and universal as those proliferating from cyberspace. Every nation...

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