The Striker II helmet-mounted display

Looks Really Can Kill!

Tracing the development of high tech flying helmets for frontline pilots. Flying wearing a helmet mounted sight, a pilot only has to look at the...
The Australian Marine Complex at Henderson

Shipbuilding Underway Down Under

Australia has ambitious plans for the construction of new anti-submarine warfare frigates and diesel-electric submarines that will modernise Royal Australian Navy (RAN) capabilities in...

A Matter of Status

SE Asian shipyards, traditionally smaller, look to build affordable vessels but may face economic peril in the post-COVID-19 world. Efforts to improve naval shipbuilding capacity...

Arise Maritime Rotary VTOL

A number of OEMs are at various stages of developing unmanned rotorcraft that can be used off the back of a variety of warships. A...

Maritime fobs for Seaborne SOF

Across Asia Pacific, special operations forces (SOF) are receiving upgrades in maritime capability to support emerging mission sets associated with the Great Power Competition...

The Vulnerability of Air Bases

In 1921, Italian Army General Giulio Douhet published Il Dominio Dell’Aria (or Command of the Air), a hugely influential treatise on airpower. While the...

Japan’s SIGINT Challenge

While Japan has long been involved in the electronic warfare domain, the country’s navy needs to enhance its strategic EW capabilities. Japan is an Electronic...

South Korea Skills Base Broadens

The South Korean defence industry is widening its skills and knowledge across all sectors, including tier supply. The Republic of Korea (RoK, or South Korea)’s...
CUAS system

Fighting Back Against UAS

A widening range of methods are being fielded to take down UAS depending on their size. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) offer new threats as well...

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