Huawei’s Perceived Threat Explained

The UK has banished Huawei from its telecommunications networks. Was this the result of US pressure, or domestic concern over the reliance Britain placed...

Air Defence Reawakens

Published in the September/October 2020 Issue - There is renewed urgency to provide air defence systems that not only work in isolation, but can...

Ferreting Around for Secrets

Published in the September/October 2020 Issue – Japan has experienced an increase in visits by Chinese and Russian ISR aircraft, but also has snoops...
Saab's AUV62 MR

Underwater Force Multipliers

Published in the September/October 2020 Issue - Submarine-launched unmanned platforms are looking to covertly penetrate hostile A2/AD areas where their ‘mother ships’ fear to...

US Tightens China’s Belt

The United States Department of Commerce (Commerce) is adding its weight to the growing US campaign against the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for...
Nammo’s range extension solutions

Making the Shell Fit the Job

Published in July/August 2020 Issue - Artillery ammunition developments are driven by greater flexibity of round, the need for more range and increased accuracy. The...

ARH – Stick or Twist

Published in July/Augst 2020 Issue - The Australian Defence Force is closing in on a decision on whether it will keep faith with its...
The Striker II helmet-mounted display

Looks Really Can Kill!

Tracing the development of high tech flying helmets for frontline pilots. Flying wearing a helmet mounted sight, a pilot only has to look at the...
The Australian Marine Complex at Henderson

Shipbuilding Underway Down Under

Australia has ambitious plans for the construction of new anti-submarine warfare frigates and diesel-electric submarines that will modernise Royal Australian Navy (RAN) capabilities in...

A Matter of Status

SE Asian shipyards, traditionally smaller, look to build affordable vessels but may face economic peril in the post-COVID-19 world. Efforts to improve naval shipbuilding capacity...

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