This is the May 2017 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue. To read the current month’s issue of the magazine, please subscribe here.

Table of Contents

  • Cover - AMR - Issue - May 2017Land Warfare – Enhancing The Mission: Andrew White examines small arms and light weapons procurement in the Asia-Pacific and finds international suppliers vying with local companies to satisfy emerging demands.
  • Sea Power – Naval Directory 2017: AMR’s ever-popular Naval Directory returns with Dr. Alix Valenti at the helm, with updated naval orders-of-battle and programme information from across the region.
  • Regional Militaries – Doing More With Less: Faced with a falling birth rate, but no fall in regional tensions, Singapore is modernising its armed forces, Dr. Alix Valenti explains.
  • Sea Power – Close Protection: Gerrard Cowan explores the improvements being rolled out in the close-in weapons system domain to protect warships against emerging threats.
  • Air Power – Troubled Waters: Alan Warnes measures the demand for maritime patrol aircraft in the Asia-Pacific region with local designs beginning to compete with their Western counterparts.
  • Air Power – Feet Wet: Andrew Drwiega examines naval support helicopter procurement across the Asia-Pacific, noting the preference for new, as well as upgraded, rotorcraft.
  • Strategic Analysis – Starship Enterprise: A space race is well underway in the Asia-Pacific, with Beth Stevenson discussing the health of several space programmes in the region, and their strategic implications.